Estoy Tarde

23 de mayo de 2012

Lo siento amigos, I forgot to post yesterday but I hope this makes up for it. After today we have had 2 classes. I am with four other students for the MSU (Will, Heather, Amber, and Andi) and our professor Wilfredo. Right now it’s pretty basic stuff, simple past tenses. We’ve been telling stories and recounting fairy tales in Spanish. I was asked to retell the story of Puss in Boots…I have NEVER read it so my description was something like this: “It’s about a cat, a very suave cat that wears boots. He’s seen as a bandit and has the voice of Antonio Banderas.” Seriously, I had no idea and now I think the teacher thinks I’m an idiot…oh well less work for me (haha). But today in class we talked about pick-up lines for a good 45mins to an hour.  It was super awkward because he asked what lines I’ve used to pick up women or what lines have been used on me and I was like…uh…none? He didn’t like that at all so once again he thinks I’m an idiot and didn’t really call on me for the rest of the time. But whatever, Cest la vie?

We didn’t really do much last night but hung out at school and did homework. But tonight we had a chocolate class. There are some great pictures I’ll have to put into here to show you all. I think you’ll get a kick out it. Basically we poured melted chocolate into a mold and the put some caramel filling in and sealed it with more chocolate. I ate three and gave the other 3 to my host family.

I guess I can tell you guys about my host family since I haven’t done that yet. I live in a very busy house. I have 2 parents (Belinda and Cesar Sr.) their three kids (Adriana, Ursula, and Cesar Jr.) Adriana lives in the back part of the house with her husband and 2 kids (Nicolas – 11 months and Agustin – 3 years).  They’re really cool and Ursula and I always have really interesting conversations. Sometimes they are serious like today we were talking about the political system in Perú but last night we were watching the Kardashians (spelling? Does it matter?)but she told me about this religious ceremony that’s happening next Friday. I don’t really understand it because she used a lot of Qetchua (Inca language) but from what I gathered it’s a big ceremony with fires and you take coca leaves in your mouth. You aren’t allowed to take pictures so I don’t think a lot of tourists will be there so it’s might be really cool. But I digress.  She and Cesar are both students at one of the universities, and I think they are both studying some form of hospitality business or accounting. Last night I hung out with Agustin and played with his cars and building blocks. This kid is some damn smart it’s not even fair. His mom (Adriana) is a teacher, I believe, and they have done a lot with him and flash cards to know shapes, colors, numbers, types of animals, and a bunch of other topics. We played together for about an hour until he had to go to bed. It’s weird but I actually had a lot of fun. My Host mom, Belinda, is really sweet. She’s a home maker and stays really busy by helping to raise her grandkids and other million things she does to keep the house clean and organized. My host dad, Cesar, is a taxi-bus driver. So, I don’t see him a lot but when I do we always have long conversations, usually about photography. Last night I showed him some of my work and we talked about digital versus film cameras. It was pretty interesting.

We went out to the plaza de armas for dinner and to check it out. I bought this really cool painting. It’s a hand drawn depiction of Machu Pichu. The artist originally wanted S/. 70 ($35 USD) but after walking away he chased me down and sold it to me for S/.40 ($20 USD). Guess that’s the nice thing about street venders; you can walk away from an offer and they can chase you down with a much lower counter offer. After that they were filming a movie in front of the large cathedral and they did some local dances in really ornate costumes (I didn’t have my camera but I’ll borrow some pictures to show you guys from Emily). After that we just went to the Irish pub had a sandwich and beer and just hung out it. It was pretty cool. We spent probably 3 hours there and then went home. Guess that’s all for tonight, I’ll try to get pictures for this post but if they aren’t there tomorrow I’ll edit this post so you guys can see. 


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